Sarah Barcala

Education Manager/Nominated Supervisor

Permanent full-time Early Childhood Teacher, Bachelor of Education (birth to five years)

“The child is at the heart of every decision I make.  My work must always centre on children’s wellbeing, learning and development.  Children have rights and deserve to grow up in a socially just world in which everyone is treated fairly regardless of their gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, culture, or background.  Every child has rights that we must honour including the right to have a say in matters that affect them, the right to play and leisure, the right to an education that promotes their individual talents and strengths, and the right to be safe both physically, mentally and culturally.  Children’s learning is holistic and we best support children’s learning and development through a balance of teaching approaches that are age appropriate, and child focused.  We do this best when we watch, listen, and learn about children and respond to their ideas, interests and learning styles.”