Leah Walters

Early Childhood Educator

Permanent part-time Early Childhood Educator, Diploma in Childrens Services

“I strongly believe that children have the right and need to feel safe, secure and respected within their home and early learning environments.  In order to achieve this I believe in building the foundations for respectful, meaningful, and nurturing relationships between educators, children and their families from the moment they come into our care.  I believe that if children feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging in their environment, and have trusting relationships with educators, that they will build more confidence to participate in routines, interactions with others, and take opportunities to explore and practise new skills.  Children are capable and resourceful people who are naturally inquisitive and curious. Children’s voices and behaviours should lead us on their learning path and growth as they share their interests, strengths and emerging abilities with us through verbal and non-verbal language.  We, as educators, are here to assist children by scaffolding their learning at the child’s individual pace.”