Jacqui Young

Administration Manager

Permanent full-time, Secretarial Diploma, Accounting Certificate

“I have been involved in Coffs Harbour Community Preschool, at various times in a variety of roles, since 1997. I have been a parent, a volunteer, a Management Committee member, and an employee. I value my role in providing a quality not for profit education and care service where the focus is the positive impact we can make on the children, and their families, that attend our service. I enjoy seeing the individual progress of each child who passes through our doors and the connections that our families make by being part of our preschool community. Having the opportunity to support a team of truly passionate early childhood educators is the best!  I strive to build helpful, honest and respectful relationships with our families. For the children if we can inspire an enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude towards challenges and achievements, we have indeed achieved great things.”