How exciting! Our extension has started….. and now it is complete! We are using it for all sorts of things….. - 26 Oct

It is very exciting to see our building extension starting to take shape.  This has inspired the Sapphire room to set their mezzanine play space up as a “building site”.  There are hard hats to wear, plans to follow, trucks to drive, logs to shift, and of course a great view through the window over our own real construction site.

After Uncle Troy opened our new room with a Welcome to Country, Smoking Ceremony and traditional dance, we wasted no time using the new space for all manner of activities.


“This is our first year involved in the preschool and we have been so impressed by the creativity, professionalism and dedication of all the staff . The end of year concert, the Christmas bag of amazing craft and the individual student portfolio again reinforced to us how fortunate we are to have our daughter attending your preschool. You have exceeded our expectations as the staff go far beyond the requirements to ensure an amazing early education for the students.  We are so appreciative of your hard work.”