What The Children are Learning

Sapphire Monday/Tuesday group – Week 5

Our silkworms have transformed into moths and are hatching from the cocoons. Now the moths are busy mating and laying their eggs for the life cycle to begin again.

We are very excited to be sewing our very own apron. We are learning how to operate the sewing machine safely, assisted by Educator Karen. During craft the girls went around the room taking roll call. As your name was called, “Kara”, you replied with a hand in the air, “here”. The duo were keen to make sure everyone was here today, and they were.

As we start our end of year projects this week, everyone is excited about designing and decorating their personalized creations. Our T-shirts have arrived and we have been tracing star shapes onto our shirt ready to choose colours to paint and decorate. We had our first practise on the stage of our concert song this week.

Emerald Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday group – Week 5

This week (on Monday & Wednesday) we ventured off to our local community SPAR supermarket at Jetty Village shopping centre to buy fruit.   When out in the local community we display what capable and responsible people we are. We then cut fruit and made fruit kebabs for afternoon tea! We also talked about making patterns using the fruit. On the way to the shop on Wednesday, the children noticed a garden sprinkler going. On the way back, the owner let them run through it, thankfully, because it was very hot.

We got back to preschool and the water play continued. The children conspired against Kara and soaked her. They worked together; some kinked the hose while the others threw buckets of water at her!

Sapphire Wednesday/Thursday/Friday group – Week 5

We are full swing for the End of Year. We are creating some amazing art/craft projects to share with family at Christmas. We have also started designing and painting our concert t-shirts.

Look at us go, round the Yoga clock. Bek will be away next week at a Yoga workshop.

Jet’s sisters have grown out of their dress up shoes and passed them on to us.

Emerald Thursday/Friday group – Week 5

This week was our 2nd excursion week to the SPAR Supermarket at Jetty Village shopping centre. Once again the children had their own shopping list and were on track, searching for the ingredients. We cooked pumpkin scones and blended up some strawberry/choc ice creams.

On the weekend Nicole visited Tamworth with her family and dropped in to see Peter Pan Preschool and some farms on her travels. She worked with the children with the big book to reflect on how things are going in the drought affected areas of NSW, bringing photos and information to share.



“Many, many happy memories” Lynne & Sharni

“The past meeting the present, well done to the whole community” Jannette

“It was lovel to see everyone again – we will come back each year” Meagan

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