What The Children are Learning

Sapphire Monday/Tuesday group – Week 8

Fun with slime. We take another look at viscosity in liquids when we feel the texture of the slime. While waiting for her turn, Evie asks, “What does it feel like?” Cleo replies, “On the bottom it’s hard. On the top it’s soft”. Layla M added “feels like bubbles underneath, like fairy floss, maybe marshmallows too”. This was a very popular activity with the children ‘signing in’ for their turn.

We played a new game “We are going on a picnic will you come?” We learn about healthy foods as each child selects food cards. It’s a fun way to develop social skills; turn taking and conversation (asking questions and answering). Later we had a real picnic for lunch with the children continuing the game looking at their lunch food choices and asking the question: What will you bring?

For Tasty Tuesday we had a new taste sensation: paw paw from one of our family’s trees. Yummm….

Emerald Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday group – Week 8

Today we played bingo. The children listened to and followed the rules of the game, visually recognised numbers and matched these with the written numbers on their card. With the children’s interest we can further their recognition of written numbers and increase their knowledge to include higher numbers.

We practised an evacuation drill. We stayed calm, followed directions and listened for our name during our roll call to ensure we all were out safely.   This is great to do at home also. Talk to your children about emergency services, safe meeting places and your home evacuation plan. Remember to check smoke alarms are in working order!

Sam came to Preschool with a box he had made into a robot costume. This instigated lots of interest and inquiry into how to make a robot.  Many friends gathered boxes and also made robots. We had a great time talking and walking like robots! We look forward to seeing what creations we can come up with in the next few weeks.  We read the book ‘Zoobots’ which we loved!

Following on from last week when Uncle Michael introduced the Rainbow Serpent project to our children, we continued working as a team to contribute. We read the Dreamtime story ‘When the snake bites the sun.’ The illustrations/paintings from this story book attracted the children’s attention and some used them as inspiration for their own artwork.  We read the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’, a favourite with the children, offering a lovely message of the importance of sharing. Everyone was keen to get started on our art project, making and decorating our own Rainbow Fish with glimmering scales to hang on our wall! The children were able to practise their cutting skills and it was great to see our very own shimmery shiny rainbow fish come to life! We can’t wait to see the finished product next week!

Sapphire Wednesday/Thursday/Friday group – Week 8

We have been listening and following along with a few different songs at relaxation. Three exercises are a blend of movements designed to promote communication between the brain and the body. Active 8’s require one to hold their head (and body) still, moving only the arm tracing the lazy 8 symbol, and their eyes as they follow the trace. For our patterning exercise we lie on the floor reaching one foot up to touch it with the opposite hand. The Humming Song is intended as a slow me down, another way to self calm.

On Friday we read “Nothing Happens Outside” by Lee Watson & Heath McKenzie. Aiden’s family gave us this book, it was part of a Golden Circle promotion. We loved the story. We talked for ages about the things we like to do outside. Then we went outside. Our children really are very good at play. Working together, negotiating, problem solving and assessing risks. We are watching our next lot of leaders gain their skills.

Vicki from the Nursing Home came to visit. Earlier this term we postponed a visit to the Nursing Home because Vicki was unwell. Vicki came in to let the children know herself what is going on with her. She told us it would be a while before she was well enough to go back to work. We showed Vicki some of the techniques we use during relaxation. Together we did some meditation and positive self talk. We sent Vicki off with lots of our love.

We also did lots of maths, cutting and writing this week.

Emerald Thursday/Friday group – Week 8

This week we have been working on all our fine motor skills: cutting, drawing, name writing, creating and building. Our amazing work is on display in the room.

A lot of us were still tired from our busy week last week, but those who didn’t sleep went on a spontaneous ‘out and about’ along the Coffs Creek Walk.

We continued to share photos and emails with Peter Pan Preschool in Tamworth to let them know how our Dress Like a Farmer fundraiser went (our class raised $100).  They sent us some pictures of their preschool where all their grass has died and when they had a little bit of rain, all the dust turned to mud.  Our interest in farms has continued and next week we will take an excursion to some farms around Coffs Harbour.




“This preschool has been such a positive place for Abi to come to and you have brought out such a wonderful confidence in her.  I know that the care and nurturing she has received here over the past 2 years has played a major role in that.  So I want to say thank you and let you know that we will really miss our time here but are so very grateful that we had the chance to be a part of this fabulous preschool and experienced the wonderful sense of community that you offer.”