What The Children are Learning

Sapphire Monday/Tuesday group – Week 1

Welcome back! We have an amazing last term of learning ahead of us. We are incorporating the learning requests we received from the children last term throughout our activities.

Everyone was excited to return to preschool. The collage area was very busy with box collage and Harley making a cave for his bat cutting. Then the area was transformed into making crowns. There was lots of tricky cutting and decorating to create an amazing array of crowns. Later we listened to a Prince and Princess story then finished with a dance and playing statues.  The light table was a popular activity, creating our names using the coloured letters.

Our Silkworms have arrived and they are hungry. This is a great opportunity to learn about their life cycle and extend on our existing knowledge. We have questions too. Do they drink water? What is the difference between moths and butterflies? Over the weeks we will follow the different stages of their growth and care for them. As educators we promote opportunities to model respect, care and have an appreciation for the natural environment. L.O.2

Emerald Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday group – Week 1

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a great week – even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. It has been a joy seeing the children reconnect with each other this week, sharing stories about the holidays and just enjoying each other’s company.

Many of the group have enjoyed all of the opportunities to get busy with scissors, glue, pencils and paper. It is lovely to see children leading their own learning like this.

We have enjoyed using the light table to trace pictures on. It is a very satisfying experience to see a picture from a favourite story book come to light in this way.

After last term’s robot building we again provided lots of materials to make more machines and robots. Our robots table has been very busy indeed.

Sapphire Wednesday/Thursday/Friday group – Week 1

Welcome back! Sounds like the holidays were filled with fun and games. We are pleased the Holiday Loan packs and the games we made (‘What’s in the Box?’ & ‘Noughts& Crosses’) were such a hit and helped with your holiday fun.

We are going to be very arty/crafty this term. Ellie’s family brought in some plasterboards for us to get creative with and Max’s dad has given us some untreated timber to work with. We have put together some ideas for the timber and this week we designed and plastered the plasterboards. Next week we should be able to paint them.

We made some family trees this week. The children are really enjoying writing. Combining writing with thinking about family members was a really nice craft activity.

Emerald Thursday/Friday group – Week 1

Welcome back Emeralds we have missed you. It was great hearing about all the exciting things the children did in the holidays

We discussed what we would like to put upstairs and the children decided to sort of have a farm again, but with lots of other things like mountains, trucks, planes, trees and more, so we have decided to make them ourselves over the coming weeks, building them and then paper macheing them for strength.

The children made the playdough this morning and we discussed what they would like to cook this term -maybe some icy poles, pancakes, cookies and more.

Some of the children went out and about to collect some more mulberry leaves to feed our silk worms. We will be sharing some of our silk worms with some of the other preschools in the district as well.




“I am loving these daily reflections especially now that I am working and miss so much of Sam’s activities within the preschool. Good job girls.”