Our Program

The foundations of our program are built on the relationships we form with the children, their families and the wider community. Thus, we have built a Community Preschool where children and families develop a sense of belonging, where their vision, beliefs and culture are respected and celebrated. We invite and welcome parent input into our program.

Coffs Harbour Community Preschool believes children’s education and their well-being are the driving forces behind our preschool. We celebrate and share the children’s journey of self discovery and change. Educators are deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful with their intentional teaching and learning experiences. We will make use of spontaneous “teachable moments” to extend children’s learning.

We work within the Early Years Learning Framework which is the curriculum framework that guides our provision of learning opportunities. We aim to foster and feed children’s innate love of learning and curiosity, and to help them to develop strong learning dispositions. Our programs for children are based on their interests, our community and the environment. Learning opportunities are embedded throughout the day for all children, and learning can and does happen across the preschool, both inside and out, in play and in structured and unstructured experiences. Indeed a truly enriching early education is play-based and holistic in nature, reflecting the way that young children learn. The Early Years Learning Framework defines curriculum as; “all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development” (EYLF, p9).

Our play areas and activities are designed to engage and inspire, stimulate curiosity and problem solving, and challenge the child to reach their full potential. Learning areas are established within the room and playgrounds, where the children can make choices while being guided, supported, and encouraged to participate in all areas of the program. Small and large group activites are programmed throughout the day, consisting of music, science, maths, language and literacy. Spontaneous learning opportunities continually happen as the educators interact with the children.


“This is our first year involved in the preschool and we have been so impressed by the creativity, professionalism and dedication of all the staff . The end of year concert, the Christmas bag of amazing craft and the individual student portfolio again reinforced to us how fortunate we are to have our daughter attending your preschool. You have exceeded our expectations as the staff go far beyond the requirements to ensure an amazing early education for the students.  We are so appreciative of your hard work.”