What age can my child start at Coffs Harbour Community Preschool?

Children must have turned 3 years old to attend. We only take 19 children in our 3 year old class.

If my child doesn’t get in as a 3 year old, do I have to put them on the waiting list again?

No. Their details will be kept on the waiting list and they will be automatically moved to the waiting list for the 4 year old class the following year.


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“This is our first year involved in the preschool and we have been so impressed by the creativity, professionalism and dedication of all the staff . The end of year concert, the Christmas bag of amazing craft and the individual student portfolio again reinforced to us how fortunate we are to have our daughter attending your preschool. You have exceeded our expectations as the staff go far beyond the requirements to ensure an amazing early education for the students.  We are so appreciative of your hard work.”