What age can my child start at Coffs Harbour Community Preschool?

Children must have turned 3 years old to attend. We only take 19 children in our 3 year old class.

If my child doesn’t get in as a 3 year old, do I have to put them on the waiting list again?

No. Their details will be kept on the waiting list and they will be automatically moved to the waiting list for the 4 year old class the following year.


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“This preschool has been such a positive place for Abi to come to and you have brought out such a wonderful confidence in her.  I know that the care and nurturing she has received here over the past 2 years has played a major role in that.  So I want to say thank you and let you know that we will really miss our time here but are so very grateful that we had the chance to be a part of this fabulous preschool and experienced the wonderful sense of community that you offer.”