Tax Deductible Building Fund - 22 May

We welcome donations to our Building Fund which is tax deductible and is used to carry out building improvements. Capital works are sometimes required to keep up to date with new Government regulations, and often needed to assist us in providing a high level of service to our families. Our current project is to add an additional education space, staff room and meeting room to the northern end of our building.  Plans are currently being drawn up for Council approval and we hope to attract funding to begin building by the end of 2014.



“This preschool has been such a positive place for Abi to come to and you have brought out such a wonderful confidence in her.  I know that the care and nurturing she has received here over the past 2 years has played a major role in that.  So I want to say thank you and let you know that we will really miss our time here but are so very grateful that we had the chance to be a part of this fabulous preschool and experienced the wonderful sense of community that you offer.”